Story #6 – To the Woman Who is Unloved

The sixth semester was ultimately a very stressful time for me. For some reason I felt burnt out, unable to create anything. As a matter of fact, I had the worst experience I could ever have this semester—a panic attack.

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Story #5 – To the Woman Who Feels Worthless

In my fifth semester I essentially asked God the same question RuNett Ebo asked: Why did you make us Black? He began to compare the Black race to soil—and He answered the question beautifully:

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Insight to Africa’s Most Revered Fabrics

Hey guys,

Continuing on my Black History Month theme, I’m going to be giving just a few snippets of how the Black community contributed to the fashion scene in the western world, and how traditional West African fashion has inspired (and continues to inspire) contemporary Black fashion.

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