Story #5 – To the Woman Who Feels Worthless

In my fifth semester I essentially asked God the same question RuNett Ebo asked: Why did you make us Black? He began to compare the Black race to soil—and He answered the question beautifully:

“You are made in My image. And in My image, I made you with soil—dirt. Many people when they look at dirt, they think worthless. Dirt is spat on, trampled on, kicked aside, and thought of as nothing. But what they don’t realize that the very dirt they kick is the very foundation this earth is built upon. Look around. Everything you see on this planet comes from the soil. The food you eat needs the soil in order to grow. The houses you build comes from the dirt and then they are set into the dirt as a foundation to help them stand.

“All the gold and diamonds are minded in the dirt. The oil that fuels your earth is found several feet below the dirt. The very minerals needed to create your technology is found in the soil. Everything you need is in the dirt and without the dirt, the earth you know wouldn’t exist today. Yet, so many people take the dirt for granted, and think its worthless. But this soil is the most valuable thing on this planet. Because you value comes from it.

“You are Black just like Me. You are undervalued, spat upon, trampled upon, and cast aside, but what they don’t know is that you are the very foundation of this civilization. They do the same to Me, even now. They say I don’t exist, I am worthless, I am just the figment of some man’s imagination, I am corrupt, evil, and egotistical. The same they say about you. But I know the truth. I am the very foundation this universe was built upon. From Me all good things come from. I am the very essence of life.

“And thus, I made you, the Black Woman/Man in the image of Me. (Then He led me to research the first humans came from and I spent some time learning about the mitochondrial Eve). The very human race was born in Africa, traced back to a single Black Woman who gave birth to all the civilizations today. Without you, there would be no humans, so civilization. The Black Man is the symbol of power, authority, strength and wisdom. They try to take that away. But the Black Man is made in My image. The Black Woman is made in My image.

“So, they may trample on you, spit on you, call you worthless, ignore you, undervalue you, and ignore you, but don’t pay them any mind. You know the truth. For just like when the earth trembles and humans realize how with just an earthquake, everything they’ve created can come shattering down, one day their foundation will shake, and they will understand just how important you are.

“You are Black. You are made in My image. You are made in the image of God.”

Someone Values You

I remember creating my project for my Stretch Fundamentals class. In that class, we were learning how to work with stretch fabric and our professor was a lingerie designer, so naturally she gravitated towards that. Our final look had to be something that stood out. I spent the entire semester honing on something that was empowering and I titled the semester (basically) ‘Gye Nyame’ meaning ‘only God’ or ‘God omnipotent’. Knowing me, I tied my garments to my portfolio. So, once I designed something, I thought about what I wanted to make.

For my intimate apparel portfolio, I was inspired by Beyoncé’s song ‘Brown Skin Girl’ and wanted to create a collection around that with a Lion King theme. My final look was a catsuit, and I was going to make the catsuit for my Stretch Fundamentals class as the final piece to our three-look collection (we had to create three garments for that class).

I wanted something powerful. I was going to dedicate this catsuit to God. It would be the tie in for what I had in mind.

In the middle of the night, I remembered waking up with an idea in my head. It was the Spirit waking me up. Immediately, I began sketching—God wanted a cape, something like a superhero cape to go with the catsuit. And He wanted me to not just design it. He wanted me to make it. I didn’t have much time, but I knew what I wanted and finally we settled on a skirt-cape. A dramatic skirt piece that would have a powerful statement with it.

He told me how much fabric I needed, how to pattern the skirt, and exactly how he wanted it sewn. The next day, I headed to Mood’s Fabric, where I asked for the price for all the fabric I had to purchase. It was something close to a hundred bucks, if not more. It was a lot of money, but God told me to go ahead with it since I had enough money for it.

When I got to the counter with the final amount of fabric, six yards of duchess satin and six yards of organza, so twelve yards in total, the store clerk cut the fabric then asked for my Mood card.

I gave it to her as I always do when I’m ordering fabric. Then she said to me you have enough points on your Mood card to pay for this. Do you want to use your card? Surprised by this, I said yes. She put the fabric on my card and when I went up to the cash register, I literally paid nothing for twelve yards of fabric that would’ve initially run me dry.

I went straight to work creating the skirt. It took me a little over a few hours to complete the entire skirt, and my professor was even upset because she didn’t want me working on the skirt in her class. But in the end, that skirt became her favorite part of my catsuit. She absolutely loved how the skirt complimented the catsuit. It made the catsuit stand out. It was powerful and aggressive, yet still classy and regal.

It was the outfit I decided to wear for my graduation pictures. Because that was the outfit I dedicated to YAH.

Me wearing the Gye Nyame catsuit and skirt for graduation photos

Who Am I?

I am the jewel that many men search for
A diamond hard to find
I am precious stone among many rocks
The radiant beam of the sunshine
I am the tree that stands tall by river banks
While the storm takes the others away
The woman worth fighting for
The woman who will never stray

I am the precious gold among the dust
The sweetest fruit on the highest limb of the tree
I am the rare corals in the ocean’s depth
And the valuable shells beneath the sea
I am the tides that come and go
I am the light of the moon
And where others die and wither away
There is where I bloom

I am the rose among all the thorns
I am the hill in the midst of valleys
I am the crown worn on the king’s head
And the gold paved street among alleys
I do not take the path that others take
But walk where there is none
And there is where I leave a trail
Where others may follow on

I am not a princess that needs a prince
Nor do I need to be saved by a knight
I am a queen who runs her own kingdom
A kingdom where there is no war nor fight
I have saved many and I have saved myself
I am in no need of a savior or a guide
I am a leader in my own palace
And a hero to my own tribe

And when others fall and many fade
I shine brighter than even the sun
And when others fail and their journeys end
I know that mine had just begun
And with each word in this poem
This is what I know and where I stand
That I have a cause inside of me
Because this is who I am

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